Visitors special: The world is your plate

The cosmopolitan district of Prenzlauer Berg boasts excellent restaurants, cafes and street food from all over the world. Embark on a delicious tour and explore Prenzlauer Berg with your taste buds – a rewarding experience. Check out the following sample of the menu of the World Restaurant Prenzlauer Berg.



Exotic dishes of Africa include the remarkable fillet steak of crocodile tail or zebra meat. Even these unusual specialities are served fresh in Prenzlauer Berg. For a light meal aim for vegetarian plates with a an exciting mix of okra, plantains, african spinach and maniok. (Lychener Str.)

Australians love gently fried kangaroo meat or fillet of snake. Or try giant Australian burgers. Wash this down with fresh beer. (Rykestr.)

Arabs create an do wonders simply fixing grilled vegetables, lots of mint and their special kind of bread in mouth-watering dishes. The perfect kitchen for easy summer days and for vegetarians. (Sredzkistr., Am Friedrichshain)

Brazilians love  stews with meat, stockfish in countless variations, rice and the delicious fruit such as mangoes, papaya, guava and passion fruit. 

The times of heavy use of the additive glutamate in Chinese food have long since passed. Enjoy the light modern Chinese cuisine with lots of fresh vegetables. 

English breakfast gets you through your exciting day in Berlin: fill up on bacon and eggs, sausages, marmalade and toast. (Milastr.)

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Old German new created at Kastanienallee


French love to have meals in several courses: arugula salad with parmesan cheese, fine chicken in red wine and flavorsome mousse au chocolat make for a summer meal sure to be remembered. (Knackstr., Oderberger Str.)

While in Berlin you want to experience German kitchen? Makes perfect sense. Find a selection of German hospitality below.

Berlin once was famous for his Eckkneipen – pubs in corner houses. Though you'll probably need to look for them more attentively you can enjoy knackwurst or bockwurst as a snack or treat and wash it down with a selection of Pilsner beer. Brag in front of your friends about having downed a traditional Berlin „Molle und Korn“: a beer and a schnapps.

Bavaria and Prussia do not go well together? You'd be surprised! Catch a glimpse of Bavarian Gemütlichkeit along with the food and legendary Bavarian beer – served in traditional dresses. And don't worry if you want to test your German conversation skills: they understand and speak standard German. You'll also find restaurants which aim to modernize traditional German dishes and create their own specialties. Some of them offer great value for money.


If you’re aiming for Greek food you’ll find it in abundance. Although they are typically associated with  grillplates ladden with meat of pork and lamb they also cater to the desires of vegetarians and offer great seafood: fine are stuffed wine leaves, rich salads or fresh squid. (Danziger Str.)

What better way to enjoy an exciting sun filled day in Berlin with an Italian pasta dinner? It is the perfect summer dish however you prefer it: whether simply with garlic and oil or more refined, very fine or with seafood, arugula and avocado. (Schwester Str., Zionskirchstr.)

Jewish food is best explored during a Sunday. The choices of pastries, fish and meat dishes are so delicious that you need ample time to try them all. (Rykestr.)

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Korean Style Burgers at Choriner Straße


Mexican food is known for being spicy: chicken wings, cactus salad – or the timeless classic chili con carne. (Raumer Str., Oderberger Str.)

Austrians love pastries: home-baked and directly from the oven on your table. The variations of dumplings and pancakes are a fancy food on their own. (Hufelandstr.)

Portuguese cuisine features spicy choices: rabbit in red wine or fish dishes such as sole and bream with baked rosemary potatoes. You should also try the lukewarm cabbage soup caldo verde. (Hufelandstr., Kollwitzstr.)

Russian cuisine offers delightful pastas such as pelmeni or wareniki, great with sour mushrooms. If you opt for Siberian food you’ll be offered bear or moose meat. (Knackstr., Wichertstr.)

Swiss are famous for their cheese specialities, whether as fondue or buffett. Enhance this great dinner choice with a light white wine and unique clear water from the Alps. (Knackstr.)

Spanish tapas are popular because there are so many different variations, you simply can not have enough of it: dates rolled in ham, sour anchovies, spicy cheeses, beans with tomato are just a few of them. (Lychener Str., Schönhauser Allee)

Thai dishes are refined by fine spices and flowery ingredients. Served with fragrant rice. (Danziger Str, Schönhauser Allee)

Turkish pizza is the perfect food to go, even better is falafel with salad. But don’t forget to try once the typical „Döner Kebap“, created in Berlin. (Eberswalde Str., Pappelallee)

-al-, August 2017, Translation: Andreas Hartmann, Kinderbuchautor,

Kiezzeitung Prenzlauer Berg Magazin
Kiezzeitung Prenzlauer Berg Magazin